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About Us

  According to the Royal Decree No. 6/96, OCO was established on 9th Jan 1996. It is a public charitable organization having its legal identity and enjoys independent financial and administrative status. Its head office is located in Al Khuwair, adjacent to Sultan Said Bin Taimoor Mosque and the Higher Technical College.

Our Objectives

  The main objective of OCO could be summarized as follows:

  1. Supporting and financing the social care programs which are intended for the general welfare of the people.
  2. Supporting and financing children, orphans and elderly people for the sponsorship programs.
  3. Supporting and financing the programs which are intended for the assistance of the disabled.
  4. Providing emergency relief in various circumstances like those of fires, disasters or natural calamities, etc irrespective of the incident occurring within the nation or outside the nation.
  5. Providing the necessary assistance to those individuals and families whose lives or properties have been affected during any natural calamities, disasters or incidents.

The Board of Directors, the Committees and the Executive Office within the OCO are working tirelessly to achieve the objectives of the Oman Charitable Organization. The OCO has managed to expand the umbrella of its operations to achieve its humanitarian agenda and is encouraged by the generous governmental support as well as the contributions and donations made available by various individuals and institutions.

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