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The Way Forward

In view of the outstanding achievements of OCO during the last period, it has succeeded, thanks to Allah and thanks to the continuous support and follow up from his Highness Sultan Qaboos bin Said, in making its objectives a reality. However, there is a lot of work yet to be done in the next period for the achievement of our overall objectives putting in mind our capabilities and the resources available for us in our way forward. Definitely our dreams are larger than our resources but we always raise our expectations very high as far as human need is ever existing and ever expanding. Indeed we have succeeded to increase our resources through the income generated by investment. Now we plan to invest in real estate to increase our resources. The dilemma we are now facing is that investment in real estate require a lot financial resources, therefore, we urge the people to come forward and support our initiative with their donations and Allah will reward them here and thereafter. We chose real estate because it is the best investment available and its revenue provide stable source of income. OCO is working hard to realize this goal. The OCO is in full coordination with several entities in the Arabic countries and particular GCC countries as well as the UN agencies working in the humanitarian field so as to open broader horizons for its activities and to gain better experience in its operational activities.

In Conclusion

OCO considers itself to be link between the well-off and the needy and people in turmoil. Every nation is susceptible to disasters. Let us to try to put the smile in every mouth and give hope to the desperate. Hard times bring the best in human beings in terms of solidarity, compassion and cooperation. Allah says in Surat Al Ma’idah verse 2 (Cooperate with one another in righteousness and piety and do not cooperate in sin and transgression). To conclude, our thankfulness and gratitude to the pioneer of charity work his Highness Sultan bin Qaboos bin Said for his tremendous support and guidance. Our heartfelt thanks are also extended to the Omani government, our people, individual contributors, corporates, banking sector and the various institutions for their support and cooperation to make of mission a success. Aided by your support and encouragement, we remain very committed to our mission. We pray to Allah to accept our good deeds and safeguard our country against all harms and disasters and shower us with safety, security and keep our faith as Muslims

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