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Food Aids Program (Iftar)

All Praise is for Allah and peace is on His servants who have been chosen for serving the people of the nation. They enjoy generous souls which correlate the hearts of the rich with those of the needy. The strong stands with the weak and spreads love and harmony and fades away the hatred. The food assistance program is available throughout the year for needly families but its availability is tripled during the holy month of Ramadhan. The food assistance program is known as the Iftar Programme in Ramadhan. Let the rich give more and more, as by this deed he feels the suffering of the needy.

Program's objectives :

  1. Consolidate the concepts of charity work and the expansion of its domains to reach the needy wherever they are.
  2. Fixing the concept of charity, widening its domain to reach to the poor wherever they are.
  3. Although this program is specified to the holy month of Ramadhan, yet it is available throughout the year for some emergencies and urgent cases.

The Organizations efforts in this program The Organization opens the door to every human irrespective of any religion or nationality. The food assistance program or Iftar was activated in 1999. This program has been a great success and has had massive development during the past years. The table below shows the number of beneficiaries of this program with an indication of the cost, from the year 2005 to 2011:

  م  Year Number of Parcels    Value Cost(R.O.) 
 1 2005   12.450    292.364
 2 2006   13.500    344.000
 3 2007   14.395    425.420
 4 2008   19.400    3.02.787.584
 5 2011   25000
 6 2012 plan   30000  12.00.000

Procedure of Distribution of Food Aids especially during Ramadhan

The Oman Charitable Organization concentrates at the distribution of food on needy families. These aids consist of food packages containing of 12 staple diet or basic food stuff, with sufficient quantity for a family of 4 persons for a period of one month. Each package costs 50 R.O. The distribution of these packages is open to all needy families in the states, regions and provinces of the Sultanate.


For donations, please contact the head office of the Oman Charitable Organization in Al Khuwair or deposit in our N.B.O Account, account number – 1049337798001.

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