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Housing Program

where you hide and comfort for a while”. It is natural that the man needs a home to shelter him from the heat of the sun, the cold of the night, a cradle for his children and factories for men. For these reasons, Oman Charitable Organization has extended its services through the Housing Program to ensure the provision of home and health to those in need. This program is implemented in case of natural disasters or fire.

Program's objectives :

Among the most important objectives of the program,

  1. Provide adequate housing for those in need, shielding them against heat and cold.
  2. Making the necessary repairs, general maintenance, and adding new rooms, or basic facilities in the existing houses for those who are in need and whose homes are damaged

The organization's efforts in this program:

This program is divided into two main parts. First part: constructing new modern houses. Second : Maintenance & extensions. Both sections work as follow:-

  1. First: construction Department
  2. This section was introduced in 1999. Since it was the beginning of the project, first only one room was built for each family. Then later 45 rooms were built. Slowly and gradually, year after year, the project started expanding and moving towards development. In 2002, the Board of Directors approved the need for improvements on the project, and finalized the conversion of system rooms (one room per family) to the construction of integrated housing units. This would be done in three categories depending upon the available financial resources and the size of the family

    1. The first category would include a bedroom with other facilities.
    2. The second category would include two bedrooms with other facilities.
    3. The third category would include three bedrooms with other facilities.

    Each unit would include facilities like the majlis, kitchen, bathrooms and fence. It would also include health supplies, modern sanitary fixtures, power and electric tools.

  3. Second : Maintenance & extensions
  4. This department is responsible for the necessary maintenance and rehabilitation of the houses of the needy. It contributes to the completion of the construction, adding new rooms and providing basic facilities in the existing homes. In case of disasters where the houses get damaged, we do the maintenance of the house. Until the house is repaired, they are shifted to another home.


For donations, please contact the head office of the Oman Charitable Organization in Al Khuwair or deposit in our O.I.B Account, account number – 0827500001.

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