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Relief Program

The Oman Charitable Organization through the Relief Program aims at providing relief to those needy families which are affected by calamities, natural disasters, fire, etc. We provide help and assistance to the people of Oman and its friends in various parts of the world, especially Arab and Muslim worlds.

Program's objectives :

program aims at important issues that true Islam urged us to :-

  1. Provide emergency assistance (medical and cash) to those affected by accidents, disasters caused by fires, natural disasters like earthquakes, floods, etc.
  2. Acting up to Holy Qura'n & Sunna regarding the distressed , help him till God relieves his calamity.
  3. It helps to spread the spirit of cooperation and brotherhood throughout the community as well as with the international community.

The organization's efforts in this program:

It helps to spread the spirit of cooperation and brotherhood throughout the community as well as with the international community.

This program is divided into two main patrs:-

First: Internal level:-

It is well known what Oman had faced during the exceptional climatic adversity in June 2007. The organization had done its best as it started as follows :-

  1. Relief works: it started a day or two before the cyclone,& continued almost a month . The organization was able to deliver aids to the emigrants in Al Doqm (Middle region) , Masiral (eastern region) & Asseeb ( Muscat governorate). Aids included 14 regions, in the shape of relief packages consisting of 25 items, 13 of which were basic items & 12 food items. The total weight was 3600 Tons. Almost 10,000 families benefited of them. In addition to hundreds of tents, tens of thousands of drinking water boxes with total cost of 5 millions O.R..
  2. First stage of urgent aids: through bringing back the affected to their homes. This stage lasted three months with a cost of 11,681,792 O.R. which were give to the affected as monetary aids, buying mobile homes, installing necessary services for such homes. 8597 families benefited from this aids.
  3. Second stage: which is giving compensatory aids for the affected of all nationalities . the spent aids were 59,342,505 O.R., 66382 case benefited of this aids.
  4. There were other stages for the affected of the climatic adversities that were confined to other committees for reconstructing the destroyed houses of the needy. There was infra-structure reconstruction which was confined to the Sultanate's government. We cannot forget to thank whoever participated in relieving the affected whether government or private institutions or citizens. We thank all of them. God will reward them greatly too.

Second: the international level:

The organization worked up to its potentialities in offering urgent help & aids to the following brethren countries:-

  1. Kosovo when the war started in 1999.
  2. Turkey's earthquake in 1999.
  3. Somalia's famine in 1999.
  4. Sudanese floods in 1999.
  5. First Palestinian uprising 2000.
  6. Afghani war crisis in 2001.
  7. Second Palestinian uprising 2002.
  8. Algerian floods in 2002.
  9. Iranian earthquake in 2003- 2004.
  10. Urgent relief for south eastern Asia (Tsunami) 2004-2005.
  11. Urgent relief for the affected in Lebanon because of Israeli aggression on Lebanon 2006.
  12. Offering help to the Republic of Bangladesh, the Seder hurricane in 2007.
  13. Offering urgent help for Yemen in 2008.
  14. Offering regent help & aids to Chinese Szechwan region in 2008.
  15. Offering regent help & aids to Gaza , first stage between 3-18 of January 2009.
  16. In general these were our efforts in the past years, on the path we 're going on . wishing that God will grant us success & accept what we do for His sake only.


For donations, please contact the head office of the Oman Charitable Organization in Al Khuwair or deposit in our O.A.B. Account, account number – 3101053013500, in our Bank Muscat Account, account number – 423010706280016, in our O.I.B. Account, account number – 1500900401 and in our N.B.O. Account, account number – 1049337798006.

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