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The Commission's authority complete its work to develop a program of fasting 1435/2014


The Special Committee completed a study of the development of the system of distributing aid Ramadan (fasting) in 1435/2014 light field visits of delegations of authority in (16) Sixteen State in six provinces, and felt that a gradual development in stages each year, and the agreement was that the distribution system this year in all provinces of the Sultanate, and the possibilities and circumstances available in each State as follows:

  • Distribution of food packages
  • The distribution is done by committees and task forces and volunteer initiatives under the auspices of the Excellencies Walis
  • The connection housing cases with special circumstances and needs
  • Open multiple distribution centers in every State to reduce congestion at gatherings and places of distribution
  • Voucher system as an experiment in some States by the general distribution
  • This, and the tender envelopes were opened to buy and supply food for the program this year, Commission identified (73000) Seventy-three thousand food parcels. It should be noted that the cost of food package this year is estimated at fifty (50) baying for a family of 5 people for a full month, and receive the donations directly in the offices and departments of provincial branches or bank accounts in the National Bank and the Bank of Venezuela, and food package consists of 12 basic food items, increasing the weight of 70 kilograms of (rice-flour-butter-cooking-oil-tea-sugar-milk-custard-lentil-tomato clash-coffee). We ask Allaah to accept from all fasting and do charity Every year, you are fine,,,.

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